Buy to Let Investor

Join forces with other buy to let investors to increase your portfolio or to get your first property.
The process is easy and simple:
1. Budget
First of all calculate how much you can afford to contribute towards buying the property with another investor. Your budget needs to include:
✓ Property Deposit 
✓ Costs of purchasing
 Costs of renting
If you are getting a mortgage then you'll need a deposit of at least 25% of the property's value.
2. Share
Once you understand how much you can afford to invest then you can start to look to someone to share with. You can have a maximum of 4 people as registered owners of the property, however the most common joint ownership for buy to lets is you with one other investor.
3. Buy
We provide the complete home buying service including mortgage brokers, solicitors, house surveyors and the joint ownership agreement that sets out your intentions between you and your investors.