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Joint Ownership Agreement

Joint ownership agreement - this is a legally binding agreement you get drafted when you are about to share buying a home with friends, family or as an unmarried Its point is to protect each sharer's individual interest in the property that they share; including their original deposit,...

Moving In With Partner, Who Pays the Mortgage?

Moving in with your partner is an exciting time and is seen by couples as a way to progress their relationship to ‘the next level’. This can make a lot of sense; especially if one of you owns their own property. As a couple you can save money on paying rent, you get to see if you can...

Joint Ownership of Property - Selling your share

Joint Ownership of Property - Selling your share Joint ownership of a property with someone else is often the only way to buy a home in today's housing market; but what happens when you want to sell the property? Sadly many Joint Ownership property sales end where the joint owners are separating...