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Who is eligible to buy shared ownership properties?

Criteria for eligibility for shared ownership do vary and this is also the case for shared ownership properties in and around Waltham Abbey. Normally, you can purchase a property via shared ownership if:

BulletYour household earns £80,000 a year or less (for London this becomes £90,000).

BulletYou are a first time buyer or you used to own a home but cannot afford one now or you are an existing property owner and wish to upsize to a larger property, for example to meet the needs of a growing family.

BulletYou rent a housing association or council property.

NB Shared ownership eligibility criteria changes from time to time; to ensure that you are currently eligible please check the Government's latest published information about Buying through Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership Example

If you were to buy a 25% initial share of a £200,000 property in Waltham Abbey, it means your share would be worth £50,000.

For this, if you had to save a 10% deposit, this would mean you having to save £5,000. You would have to get a shared ownership mortgage for the rest of the share, i.e. you would have to borrow £45,000 from a lender.

You could choose to pay stamp duty on the whole £200,000 value of the property but you would not need to, because your £50,000 share is less than the £125,000 threshold, above which you have to pay the tax.

You would have to pay £20 to the Land Registry for registration fees, because the value of your portion of the property is between £0 and £80,000, but if the property is a new build and is being registered for the first time, you would have to pay £40.
What is Shared Ownership?
Shared ownership is where you part buy (normally minimum 25%) a property from a housing association, paying it rent on the remaining share. Shared ownership schemes are run by housing associations with the intention of offering home ownership to those who would not have enough money to access this via the open market. 

Should you want to buy a shared ownership home in Waltham Abbey, Cheshunt, Waltham Abbey or anywhere in Hertfordshire, you firstly have to be eligible to be a shared owner - this matter is discussed below. 
You must save up for a deposit on the share you want to buy, then you have to get a shared ownership mortgage from a lender to buy the rest of that share. 

When you've lived in your property for 1 year you can normally buy a larger share of your home (up to 100%) from the housing association and, because the remaining share you don't own will become smaller, this means you'll pay less rent. The process is known as staircasing and is explained here - Staircasing Shared Ownership.

Shared ownership conveyancing involves greater complexity than basic residential conveyancing. This is because there are more parties involved and more complex contracts you can read more about this here). Because there are strict procedures and deadlines which must be adhered to, it's highly recommended that you hire an experienced shared ownership conveyancing solicitor to do your conveyancing - it could end up saving you £1,000s and long delays.

You can find out about shared ownership in Waltham Abbey by contacting Broxbourne Borough Council by letter to Bishops' College Churchgate Cheshunt EN8 9XQ or by phoning 01992 785 555.

Question-Mark.pngHow do you Apply for Shared Ownership in Waltham Abbey?
We work with all the Housing Associations throughout Hertfordshire including L&Q, Family & Mosaic, East Thames Homes and  A2 Dominion. You can see the details for all housing associations in London here - List of Housing Associations for Shared Ownership in and around London


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