How does SAM work?


Step 1-Sign Up and become a Full Member
Once you have signed up and become a Full Member you can start your search to find someone to Share a Mortgage with. You search for Groups of Mortgage Buddies or for Mortgage Buddies on their own. It is up to you. Search by location and how much deposit you need to buy your home.

Step 2-Buddy Up
Once you have found a Group, or made your own, you can start to find a property to buy (if you haven’t found one already)

Step 3-Find a property
Finding a property is an exciting time and will be a great opportunity to get to know your Mortgage Buddy better as you search for properties; shortly getting an offer accepted on a property.

Step 4-Get a mortgage
You and your Mortgage Buddy can now get a mortgage. Share a Mortgage provide the UK's leading independent Mortgage Adviser to help you find the best Mortgage for you.

Step 5-Start Conveyancing
Share a Mortgage provide a conveyancing solicitor to handle all of the legal work for you.

Step 6-Get a Property Survey
A RICS surveyor will survey the property for any defects to give reassurance before buying the property.

Step 7-Shared Ownership Protection
The legal document that protects your share of the property, your possessions and explains how you and the Mortgage Buddy live together.

Step 8-Complete the purchase and move in
With everything else done you can move into your own home, and share it with your Mortgage Buddy. Bills and mortgage repayments are shared making living more affordable. You can move out at any time using the procedure set out in the Shared Ownership Protection; it is that easy.

How to Share a Mortgage

Share a Mortgage follows the Sharing Economy trend by delivering a safe platform where you can buy a property with other people. Whether they be your friends, family or other like-minded people you meet through our community. Where as on your own you cannot afford to buy a property, together 'Yes You Can'. Your deposit and salary combined with someone else gives you the bolstered buying power to buy a home.


We provide the full conveyancing service with our panel of solicitors, mortgage advisers and property surveyors and arm you with our unique Shared Ownership Protection.


The Shared Ownership Protection is the cornerstone to your home buying relationship and is a comprehensive, legally-binding document, which mortgage buddies agree and complete prior to moving in with each other. It sets out at the beginning:

1. what each person's stake in a property is,

2. what repayments they will make

3. what happens if any wish to leave the arrangement.


It also has a list of house rules, for a wide variety of different living arrangements, which everyone agrees to abide by.


Although a lender will only consider two people's salaries as a maximum when deciding household income, the Shared Ownership Protection confers clear beneficial ownership, according to how much a person contributes to the deposit and mortgage repayments, on all parties to the sharing arrangement. 

Should mortgage buddies at any stage need external help to resolve any issues between themselves, we also offer an independent mediation service, which mortgage sharers agree to be bound by.


The final result of collaboratively buying and sharing a house is very much down to the plans of the sharers themselves. They may decide to live in the house indefinitely, or, should house prices continue to rise, may decide to sell up and divide any profits after sale according to the division agreed in the Shared Ownership Protection.


And Share a Mortgage can naturally help anyone who wishes to embark on sharing again after that as well as offering access  both to the best value and most efficient conveyancers on the market and to the best mortgage advice through John Charcol.