Shared Ownership Protection

When you jointly own a property as tenants in common, whether family, friends, work colleagues or people you connect with through Share a Mortgage, you are strongly advised to draw up a legal agreement which protects your individual interests.

You need to draw up a robust Shared Ownership Protection agreement (also known as a deed of trust or declaration of trust), which is legally binding and sets down exactly what your stake in the property is, from deposit funds you contribute and monthly mortgage repayments you make. You should also agree what happens if any of you want to leave the property or if there's a sudden change in circumstances. You may also want to establish house rules to help your house share be a harmonious one.

Shared Ownership Protection covers all of these matters and we help you and your house sharers draw up an agreement which is bespoke to all your requirements.

How much does Shared Ownership Protection cost?

Shared Ownership Protection is always unique to anyone's sharing arrangements and you decide between you how basic or in-depth it is. The price is £799 INC VAT.

How do I get Shared Ownership Protection?

Call 0333 344 3234 and speak to one of our experts or fill out our contact form or email We discuss your requirements with you and draft your agreement.

TickYour deposit contribution is shown clearly and separately from other joint owners

Tick  Our unique formula that calculates your share of any gain or loss in the property by taking into account your total investment including what you have added towards the initial deposit and your contributions towards mortgage repayments, the costs of buying and selling and repairs/renovations.

Tick  You can have Registered Legal Owners or Non-Registered Beneficial Owners (for example parents investing with children can be included in the Agreement)

Tick  Calculation for working out any gain or loss from rental income (if applicable) 

Tick  Mechanism for buying up a co-sharer's interest in the property if they move out 

Tick  Section for stating individual contributions towards outgoings

Tick  All terms explained in simple English

Tick Mechanisms to protect you if a joint owner stops paying their share of the mortgage repayments

Tick  Procedures to sell your share

Tick  Procedures to deal with shock events such as death or a change in financial circumstances

Tick  Procedures for dealing with property repair and/or renovation costs (including how to calculate any gain because of development and how it will be shared)

Tick  Procedures to sub-let your share of the property

Tick  Procedures to follow if the home sharing relationship breaks down

Tick  Procedures to follow if you can't afford your mortgage repayments


Tick  Cohabitation house rules

Tick  Inventory lists


Best suited for friends looking for a comprehensive cohabitation agreement to set out how they’ll live with each other, a deed of trust and mechanisms to sell if the relationship breaks down.

£799 Inc VAT*

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* We recommend each person speaks to a solicitor to ensure they understand their obligations under the agreement before they sign it, however you can choose not to do this if you are happy to sign without legal advice.

** If you are getting a mortgage then you will need to get their authority to have an unregistered owner.

Call our team of declaration of trust specialists on 0333 344 3234 to find out what you should do if you buy your home as tenants in common.