Renting together

Market leader in co-renting

Why rent together?

Renting a property together with other people is a great way to develop your independence. You might be living at home with your parents or in halls of residence in your final year at college. You might ideally want to rent your own property but cannot afford it. If you team up with others, everything becomes more achievable!

You choose whom you want to live with, whether from family, friends or people you meet through Share a Mortgage. Because you're not on your own, all bills are split, saving you money. And you'll have companionship when you need it.

Many find that people they've enjoyed renting homes with are people that they eventually want to buy a property together with. So it's an excellent 'testing ground' if you aspire to buy a property in the future.

How can you help me?

We provide a safe, secure platform where you can find people who also want to rent together with others. You look at their profiles - and they look at yours - to find people who match your plans in terms of location, type of property you want to rent and how much money you have to spend per month.

What should I do next?

Join Share a Mortgage. Once you've completed your profile, you can start to look for people to share a rented property with you. We also provide information and expert advice to help you achieve your goal. If you have any questions, call 0333 344 3234 and speak to one of our experts, or use our contact form or email us at and we'll respond at the earliest opportunity.