Buying a Home

Want to buy a home?

Buying a home is becoming more and more beyond the reach of people who try to buy on their own as average UK house prices have skyrocketed above average wages. We created Share a Mortgage to support people to join forces to achieve home ownership together.

You can read the complete step by step guide to buying a home here.

What is Share a Mortgage?

Share a Mortgage is a safe and secure social platform where you can find suitable others to join up with so that together, you can look to buying your own home. For example, you might have reasonable deposit funds but on your own your income cannot secure you a large enough mortgage. Or it could be the other way round. The chances are that you can find the right match on our platform.

Our website also provides 'know-how' covering all aspects of home buying and home ownership and useful tools and calculators to help you. We are on hand to provide all the professional services you'll need to get your front door keys and we're always contactable for advice.

How do I join Share a Mortgage?

You start your journey towards home ownership by visiting Join Share a Mortgage Today >>.

Fill in your details and you'll be up and running and looking at potential mortgage buddies in no time at all.

Find out for yourself why for so many people, joining Share a Mortgage was their best move ever!