STL Group supports Share a Mortgage to provide an affordable housing solution


The UK’s largest independent search provider, STL Group is pleased to announce it is supporting the revolutionary new alternative to shared ownership, Share a Mortgage.

Share a Mortgage provides a solution to the affordable housing crisis in England through facilitating collaboration between private home-buyers who are willing to pool their resources to buy and share properties.  Singles, professionals and lower income workers alike can find likeminded buyers to team up and share the deposit, mortgage, on-going living and legal costs; finally owning a property of their own in a safe and affordable way.  

Share a Mortgage is partnered with Mortgage Brokers, Credit Agencies, Income Protection Insurers and Conveyancing Solicitors to provide the full conveyancing service to their clients. They also provide a Mortgage Calculator and Mortgage Affordability Calculator so clients can assess how much they can afford and what is the best mortgage interest rate. 

STL provides fast and reliable property searches during the conveyancing service. With state of the art technology, STL provides information from the Land Registry, all local authorities and drainage and water companies and environmental experts, delivering detailed reports on individual properties, supporting the conveyancing solicitor when reporting to you about your purchase. 

The main property searches available are local authority, drainage & water, environmental, chancel, flood and subsidence risk and mining.  There are many more to support you during the conveyancing process. 

Andrew Boast of Share a Mortgage said:

“When it comes to property searches, STL stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Their property specialists are both friendly and efficient and will work with your conveyancing solicitor to get you the information you need to safely buy your property.” 

“Their systems have to be seen to be believed. They have direct connections with many suppliers and some search results are received literally with minutes of placing an order.  They also compile regulated drainage & water searches and their regulated local authority search contains a unique, interactive ‘information for buyers’ section to help homebuyers understand exactly what the search reveals.” 

“Jackie Thorogood and her team are seriously on the ball. Organised and efficient; I’ve seen them drop everything to get a search back in time for someone looking to exchange that very day.  They care and it shows.  In fact, I bought my property this year (2014) and guess who did my searches!” 

Jackie of STL Group said “Andrew and his team are really doing something revolutionary in offering another solution to people who can’t afford to buy a property on their own.  Working with Share a Mortgage to help people jointly buy a property together who otherwise couldn’t, makes us feel great.” 

If you're looking to buy a property but can't afford to on your own, join Share a Mortgage today.