What makes a First Time Buyer Conveyancing Solicitor different?


What makes a first time buyer conveyancing solicitor different? Is there a difference in approach for a good conveyancing solicitor for first time buyers compared to second or third time movers? Yes there is and any conveyancing solicitor who says otherwise doesn’t appreciate the fear, anxiety and stress a first time buyer goes through when they buy their first home. 

The fear is less the second time round, you know what is coming. Although comparing the experience to having children may seem strange, for a lot of parents who have two children they say the birth of their second was easier than the first. Why? Well, simply put they know what is going on, what a contraction really feels like and how much more comfortable it is waiting at home than in a hospital, whereas for first timers, even a bit of wind around the 9 month will cause a trip to the hospital.

Conveyancing for first time buyers is more stressful as it is your first time and on top of that the realisation that you are taking on a financial burden of 4 times your annual salary (that’s your mortgage) can suddenly feel scary. Add on top of this the fear of losing the home you love so much (even though you’ve only seen it twice) and dealing with a solicitor for the first time, it can all feel rather daunting. 

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One call out stops 5 calls in

If you are working with a good conveyancing solicitor the experience should feel the same regardless of if it is your first, second, third or final move; however too often a conveyancing solicitor won’t do the one thing which keeps a first time buyers (and everyone else’s) worries in check – Communicate. 

The secret to a smooth conveyancing experience is to find a solicitor who communicates with you, to the chain and to the agent. By a  solicitor calling you once, it’ll stop you calling them, calling the agent, then the agent calling you and the solicitor. So much time is wasted during a conveyancing transaction through a lack of communication.


"Tell me nothing has happened"

For a first time buyer, waiting for a call to come from your solicitor can feel like an eternity. A week may pass and still you feel that nothing is happening because you haven’t heard anything from your conveyancing solicitor. 

A good conveyancing lawyer will know that a first time buyer needs that extra call throughout and will explain why there isn’t much happening. There are often occasions where during the conveyancing either the otherside lawyers are waiting for information from their client or the local authorities are obtaining searches (which can take weeks). These delays are normal, however unless you are told this, you may feel that nothing is happening and you will lose the property or your mortgage offer will expire. 

Although keeping any client informed throughout the conveyancing process, it is especially critical for a first time buyer who doesn’t know what to expect.


We provide great first time buyer conveyancing solicitors

We understand that communication is key to all of our clients and especially for first time buyers and this is what we do to help you:


  • Open later, Monday to Friday until 7pm
  • Provide contact number for weekend emergencies (nervous panics)
  • Have Great Conveyancing Solicitors who call you


It is our goal to make sure your conveyancing experience as stress free as possible and as a first time buyer you have someone on your side with years and years of experience. 

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