George Ezra Shares with A Stranger (Tamara!)

Singer George Ezra's new album 'Staying At Tamara's' has a wonderful house-sharing story attached to it and one which indeed gave the title to the album!

The 'Budapest' singer revealed in various media reports that he took himself away from his native London to spur his creative juices to write the album.

Some of this time was spent in a Barcelona apartment owned by a woman called Tamara, where a group of fashion students, designers, artists and fellow musicians would regularly come in and out.

Not unlike many artists' approach to writing music, he filled notepads with ideas which eventually formed the basis for songs when he arrived back in the UK to gather his thoughts and step into the studio again.

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George Ezra's album 'Staying at Tamara's' is on general release March 23 2018.

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