House Sharing Tips Part 4: Share with someone you get along with


House Sharing Tips Part 4: house sharing with someone you get along with is a must. It is why most experts are predicting No 10 being shared by Ed Milliband and Nicola Sturgeon if Labour gets the most seats after the election.

Having many things in common with someone is highly important for harmony and productivity in a house share and there are similarities in Labour’s and the SNP’s election messages – such as an end to austerity policies – which makes the SNP a stronger candidate than any other party for the share.

When you know what to expect from someone whom you’ve chosen to share a house and a mortgage with, it is reassuring. People normally choose from partners, family and friends. You may have never lived with them before but the number of things you seem to have in common makes the prospect a good bet.

Family and friends look to share a mortgage together

House sharing tips

By the point when you are working full time you will normally have a good idea which of your family and friends you could potentially share a house with. The many shared experiences you’ve had over the years – ups as well as downs – will have given you many chances to see if you think ‘in sync’.

If there are members of your family and friends who are looking to get onto the property ladder, it is definitely worth sounding them out about house sharing. If you are not looking at sharing with a partner, then you can all benefit from living together for a few years then selling up, either to live by yourselves alone or to move in with a partner. You might even choose to keep the original share going if it’s working.

What if I can’t find the right family member or friend?

If no-one fits the bill among your family or friends – they may all be in relationships for example – then you can join Share a Mortgage: our platform is devoted to helping you find people whom you can get along with.

You can:

  • Give preferences that an ideal sharer should have/be (gender, smoking/non-smoking, pets etc.
  • Give details about yourself which you consider important for potential sharers
  • Detail the kind of property you’re looking for and where
  • State any resources that you can invest in a property (deposit funds, monthly repayments)
  • Look through a community of like-minded people to find a match