How Does Share a Mortgage Work?


Share a Mortgage - a brief overview...

Share a mortgage: this device is aimed at the millions of people in the UK who want to buy a property, but can't afford to do it on their own. Whether you are living at home, renting or an investor looking to share a buy to let property; you can find someone at Share a Mortgage to buy with. 

It is a solution to the problem increasingly faced by most people at some point in their lives, namely how to afford their first step onto the property ladder and leave the rental market.

Join Share a Mortgage Today - just call 0333 344 3234. 

Why should you Share a Mortgage

Everyone wants to own their own home, but they struggle to afford the large deposit and high mortgage repayments. Whilst you can't afford paying to own your property on your own, you can share a mortgage and but with someone else. In fact, most people who don't own their own property, are already living with other people; flat mates or family.   Share a Mortgage

Share a Mortgage makes property buying affordable for everyone and should be seen as a stepping stone to getting your own property. Initial Mortgage Terms can be as low as 2 years which means you can share a mortgage with someone and then move on after this time. In the space of 2 years house price of a home can go up considerably. For example, the average house price in London in October 2011 was £338,637, however this increased to £389,656 years later. That is an increase of £51,019 and this would be shared between the you and your Mortgage Buddies. 

Share a Mortgage gives you a unique opportunity to get on the property ladder, save money by sharing the costs and sell after 2 years; hopefully making a good profit on the increase in property value. For more information on how you can exit,  click here .


How to Become a Basic Member

Becoming a Basic Member is easy; (just click on the link first!); you just key in your name, email address, deposit amount, area where you want to buy and that's it. Once a Member you can start your search to find a Mortgage Buddy. For tips on how to find your perfect Mortgage Buddy,  click here .


How to Contact Mortgage Buddies

Share a Mortgage has internal messaging to chat to other Members and a property forum where you can talk about property issues. Buying a home can seem complicated, so use the property forum ask questions and get answers from other Members; and if they can't help Share a Mortgage will point you in the right direct. 

All Members get: 

1. to send and read emails

2. to see who has viewed their profile

3. FREE mortgage advice from the UK's Leading Mortgage Advisers

Share a Mortgage

4. friendly conveyancing solicitors

5. priority customer care

6. use of the Mortgage Affordability Calculator & Mortgage Calculator


Creating a Mortgage Group

As you are looking for another 2 or 3 Mortgage Buddies you can create a Mortgage Group inside your profile. If you have found 1 Mortgage Buddy and are looking for another Mortgage Buddy to complete the Group, you can simply advertise your Mortgage Group and state what you are looking for.


Get Your Offer Accepted

Once you have a complete Mortgage Group you can get your offer accepted on a property. You can use Rightmove, Zoopla or any other property portal to start or search, but much like finding the right Mortgage Buddy, finding the right home to buy will take lots of viewings. Estimate around 16 to 20 viewings before you finally get an offer accepted, but then again it could happen on the first! 

You are buying as a Mortgage Group so make sure you can do viewings together. This is an exciting time, so enjoy it. House hunting is something you never thought you could do until you came to Share a Mortgage. 

Share a Mortgage can help through our advanced property search option. Call us on 0207 112 5388 to find out how we can help.


Mortgage Group Complete, Property Found - Now What?

That's great news!! Now you can use Share a Mortgage's independent Mortgage Advisers and Conveyancing Solicitors to handle the technical stuff for you. This is the part that worries most people, but you needn't worry. Our team of specialist Mortgage Advisers and Conveyancing Solicitors have been doing this for years. They will lead you through the conveyancing process and help you jump hurdles on your way to buying your home.


"But what happens if"

...Don't Worry, Shared Ownership Protection has it covered

Shared Ownership Protection is a unique service that will document the agreement between you and the joint owners. It also provides a bespoke dispute resolution service, an optional income protection insurance policy and an exit service to help when you decide you want to leave. Read more here.  


Share a Mortgage is here to help

If at any point during the process you are unsure of what to do, or feel in any way lost, don't worry. Unlike other social platforms we are here to help; just pick up the phone and call our team on 0207 112 5388

Any queries? Just email us at