Sharing Inspiration - Stars who were Homeless

As you'll know, we encourage everyone who aspires to own their own place, during these times of stratospheric property prices, to consider sharing to achieve their goal. That said, if you're currently renting or living with your parents, at least you have a home; how challenging it must be to be without one?

It turns out that people of all kinds have had housing 'challenges' at one time or another. And this number includes a fair few that you might not expect.

Any car - or van - will do...

Idris Elba, star of TV and film and part time DJ, actually slept in his van for 8 weeks when he couldn't get a job in the US while trying to be an actor, before arriving at times like the glory days of The Wire. And Kelly Clarkson, star of American Idol, slept in her car for a period before she got her big break.

Sam Worthington, the UK born Australian actor and star of Avatar, was living in his motor before he went on to play the role of Juke Sally and, going back a little further, William Shatner lived out of his truck after the first incarnation of Star Trek came off the air. He was broke, divorced and had 3 kids to support. And no Scotty to beam him up for a least until the big screen films came out.

In fact homelessness is definitely something which isn't unknown to actors in general. This list also includes Carmen Electra, whose boyfriend stole her savings, precipitating her ending up homeless for a couple of lean years. And the list of highly prominent thespians goes on to include Halle Berry, Daniel Craig and Jim Carrey, all of whom hit rock bottom in the accommodation stakes for a period, before creating a more comfortable existence for themselves. And Sylvester Stallone even slept in a New York City bus station for 3 weeks...

Homelessness - You Can Help

There are numerous charities that devote themselves to combating homelessness. Among these, you may wish to visit the website of Shelter (click to visit) to find out about the work they do.

What do Apples, Chicken and Magicians have in common?

Among other luminaries, Steve Jobs spent a season couch-surfing on friends' floors, making ends meet by returning fizzy drinks bottles to stores in return for the deposit money and satisfied his hunger by walking miles to the Hare Krishna temple for free meals each day.

Harry Houdini originally moved to New York City with his father when he was quite young and initially they were both homeless and sleeping on the street until he landed his first gig as a magician when he was 17.

Colonel Sanders, famed the world over for Kentucky Fried Chicken, lived in a car with his wife when they travelled around trying to sell his chicken recipe, for which they had no takers for some considerable time.

And highly prominent among these illustrious names, Ella Fitzgerald, the jazz singing legend, was homeless until she started singing after running away from an approved school for girls. When she debuted in 1934 in the Apollo Theatre, it was clear that she was destined for massive - and lasting - acclaim.

We can all benefit from a little help from our friends!

The fact is, securing your own accommodation is always a challenge and a milestone for most of us. And sometimes you need all the help you can get. This is why we encourage you to join forces with others who have the same common goal as you. And if you ever need inspiration, remember that many superstars have endured housing problems that even include homelessness before creating a different future for themselves.

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