Why wait? Start your journey towards home ownership today

So you've got some goals in life. Why wait for something to happen before you work to achieve them?

You never have to look too hard to find click bait articles devoted to things you should have done before 30...or 50...or 70... and hopefully higher with advancing science.

IF you were to remove the more exotic items in these lists and pare things down to the most common actual goals and rites of passage, your list would probably include things like: learn to drive/get your first motor, get married, have kids and...own your own home.

The UK still has a majority overall of people who own their own home (whether leasehold or freehold and including those still paying off their mortgages). Although in percentage terms, from a peak in the 90s of 70%, it's now down to 63%, it's still a majority and stands in contrast to countries like Germany, where the majority are in the rental sector. So it's certainly a UK thing.

The appeal, though, is perennial. It includes things like:
  • You get to become lord of your own manor, when you own your own bricks and mortar;
  • It's a huge plus if you want to bring up children in terms of stability;
  • All other things being equal, it's far cheaper than renting over the longer term;
  • You can borrow further against your own property;
  • You can rent out all or some of your dwelling for income; and
  • You have something which you can pass down to any children or family you have.

We empathise with this aspiration!

That's why we came into being; in the midst of a housing crisis, we decided that for an increasing many, home ownership only comes within reach if they share the costs with at least one other person. And that person does not have to be a partner; it could be anything from a family member or friend to a (at least at the start!) complete stranger.

The fact is, there's a beautiful feeling when you've achieved buying your own home that you can concentrate on other things, alongside paying off a mortgage.

It's true that you might have to forgo some less expensive, shorter term possibilities while you're saving for a home, but, as with so many other things in life, the buzz which you get on finally walking into your own home really makes the whole exacting journey worth it.

So let us help you towards that most common – but noble – of aspirations!

Click to Join Share a Mortgage today – let it be your first step towards home ownership. Call 0333 344 3234 and speak to our team for further details.


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