Structural Engineer

What do Structural Engineers do?

Structural Engineers are experts in understanding issues which affect buildings. If you own a property and, for example, you wish to build a loft conversion or extension, a structural engineer inspects your property and can then draw up plans for contractors to carry out the work, and, most importantly, which satisfy the legal requirements of planning permission and building control.

Identification and removal of load bearing walls is one area which Structural Engineers are often involved with. You need to be sure that any alterations you make to a property which involve removing walls take account of walls which carry the weight of the building. Failure to do so might end in a costly and life threatening catastrophe. This article examines this subject - Load Bearing Walls.

All our Structural Engineers are highly experienced experts whose judgment you can trust. All work they carry out is guaranteed and they are fully indemnified.

How can I hire a Structural Engineer?

Call 0333 344 3234 to speak to our advisors and we can book the earliest available slot with a Structural Engineer who works in your locale. Alternatively, just fill out our contact form or email us at and we will respond to your query.